Inviting your tribe to the Climate Project Zoom-Case

Generating interest and participation in events is a core capability you want to hone and practice. And for many of us, it’s an activity that we don’t relish and are not particularly good at.

As one of your agreements in the Climate Leader Mentoring Program,
you present your project at our Climate Project Zoom-Case and
you invite your “tribe” to attend as well: your family, friends, team members, supporters, newsletter recipients, Facebook followers, Linked-In connections, …

This event can be a catalyst for you to have more conversations and create more social media exposure than you “normally” would:

  • Use the Zoom-Case as a talking point to initiate wider conversations about your Climate Project
  • Mobilize your tribe to participate – it’s sometimes easier to invite people to a larger event than to generate interest in a single initiative
  • It’s a great event for people sitting on the fence who don’t yet know where their passions lie or how to take action
  • Pay it forward: Make this program available for future Leaders to shift their projects into high gear and invite people to find out about the Mentoring Program

Use the conversations with your Mentor to discover any barriers you have to putting yourself and your Project out there! Develop a game plan on how to reach as many people as possible and generate energy and a buzz about the event.

Resources for you

Here some resources and materials that will be useful for you:

PNG file (1920 x 1080 px) to include in posts.

Note: you must also provide the link to register, otherwise your people won’t know how to join the event. That link is included at the bottom of the Invitation “letter” template below.

Invitation “letter” template you can use to copy&paste and then customize in your e-mails or posts on Facebook, Linked-In, etc.
The file also contains the actual URL address for the registration link so you can insert the link on your own website.