Mentor Gallery

Our mentors are extraordinary in that they enjoy giving their time, attention and energy to supporting others and that they have a big commitment to our environment. They will make their best effort to provide a safe space for you to share what’s really going on, help you sort through options and ideas, have your back and believe in you – and ask you how you did on what you had promised in the previous call.

Our mentors are human in that they come from many backgrounds and life experiences. They may or may not have an understanding of your project’s topic or the administrative hurdles ahead of you. Please be aware that they are not legal or financial advisors and that all decisions you make remain your responsibility.

When I started the program as a mentee, I originally thought the mentors would have mythical qualifications that I couldn’t possibly have. But having been through the process, I think it’s probably open to a lot more people than might think. It’s really all about listening.

Kathy Ehmann, first a mentee and later a mentor on the program

Listen to her here:

Get to know a few of our mentors past and present below:

Edwina Robinson

Edwina Robinson is a Landscape Architect and Founder of The Climate Factory. She started the #micro-forest movement in 2019.
Edwina spoke at TEDxCanberra in August 2021.

I mentored Jennifer Bardsley, community leader of the Holt Micro-forest, Canberra. We met once a week for 13 weeks at an agreed time. As part of the program, Jennifer set 3 goals and reached them all in 3 months. She successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign, fostered a leadership team and got support with the newsletter and graphic design. Due to family commitments, Jennifer often could not meet for monthly on-line catch ups with the whole group, we just got together at other times. She has grown in confidence and has become a local changemaker.

Edwina Robinson

Owen Allen

Owen Allen is a physiotherapist of 40 years. I am passionate about work at the frontier of human society with work in the Baha’i Faith; assisting national rural health organisations in conversations with federal politicians; innovative modelling in inclusive dance theatre; and climate restoration, and supported by training in leadership by the Erhard-Jensen Initiative.

The Climate Leader Mentoring Program brings project leaders and mentors together with a few precise, easy-to-follow technical tools. Equally important, the program supports the learning and motivational environment of a network of leaders and mentors, that makes being a part of this program enlivening with accomplishment and friendship.

As a mentor in the Climate Leader Mentoring Program, I have had the benefit of listening and walking with three project leaders working in three diverse areas and modalities: policy writing; business coaching, and community organisation. While I have often shared something from my life of projects and learnings, my main role has been as an interested, committed listener. The listener as collaborator provides the space for the project leader to review where they are, and what constraints are slowing the project development, in conversation. It can’t be emphasised enough what impact talking aloud through the work of a project with a mentor has on assisting the leader discover for themselves the path forward.

The mentor can be anyone who has this type of listening capability, regardless of experience in the field of the project. Indeed, it appears to have been of greater value not to have had a lot of direct experience in the field of the leader, so as not to overstate any prior learning. On the other hand, I have learnt a great deal from leaders of overcoming personal and technical challenges as well as an understanding of a novel area of work. I have found my own confidence in leading has grown with every conversation. 

Project leaders are also encouraged to double as a mentor. What a wonderful way that is to contribute to other projects and reciprocate the value a leader will gain from a mentor.  

Owen Allen

Adele Henty

Adele Henty has retired from managing her own business communications consultancy and volunteers to support not-for-profit community associations in her local community.

I mentored Kathy Ehmann, founder of the Tool Library, Canberra. As we live in different cities, our connection was a 30-40 minute phone call one evening a week for 13 weeks. We both later laughed about how on our first call, Kathy was so over talking about the project – it had been 2 years in the making – and wanted to get into action.

She was as good as her word. Within the 3 months, Kathy had a team putting the tool library together. Her opening date shifted 3x, but in that process she firmed up the project’s foundations: She successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign, fostered a leadership team and signed a lease for premises and established a basis for an online presence.

Kathy became a regular contributor to the monthly on-line catch ups with the whole group and is a gently outspoken advocate for action – she was a guest on 2 radio interviews and the stage is set for even more to happen when and after the library is up and running.”

Adele Henty

Jessy Ben-Dov

Jessy Ben-Dov, PMP, has extensive experience in IT project management and played a key role in the PMI Sydney Chapter Mentoring Program before founding the Climate Leader Mentoring Program.

I find it so satisfying to go on a journey of discovery with my mentee – to start to understand their motivation and their plans and to be able, sometimes with only a few words, to dissolve something that had stopped them so far. Sometimes they grow before your very eyes!

For me, it’s about encouraging the person to think beyond what they had seen as difficult barriers. You don’t need to have all the knowledge needed for your project – your team can compliment your strengths and your experience, you just need to reach out and ask people to join you. I’ve been surprised by how open people are to contributing!

Jessy Ben-Dov

Juliana Jamal

Juliana Jamal, B.Econs – MBA – DTM, Trainer/Assessor/Communication Coach with TLC Academy and Director and Founder of the Sustainability Intelligence Group/SST

It is an amazing journey to mentor with the Climate Leader Mentoring Program. The structure in place lays the foundations of strong mentoring processes. Jessy has thought of everything in terms of maintaining a sacred mentoring relationship. There are written guidelines to determine the expectations of both parties.

I had the pleasure of experiencing mentees not being successful as well as mentees who achieve incredible results. Both experiences are valuable to me as a Mentor because it provides the growth and learning a Mentor innately desires for their contribution. 

The unsuccessful mentee provided me a context of determination that more needs to be done so people do not give up in the space of Climate Change and for the mentee who is successful – another mentor is born in this program, not to mention his project servicing the greater good of business on a global scale for climate change.

Juliana Jamal