Participant Resources

On this page, Climate Leader Mentoring Program participants – be it the Leaders being mentored or the mentors – can find resources to support your program journey.

Program Overview

The following file provides an overview of the Climate Leader Mentoring Program, covering our principles, the program structure, what you can expect, the agreements, how to get started and what to do if it doesn’t work:

Ideas for your first session

  1. Create rapport: introduce yourselves and your commitment to this Program
  2. Introduce your project or initiative to your Mentor
  3. (Start to) write down the goals you want to achieve in the Program
  4. Agree specific actions you are going to take by the time you next meet – and write them down
  5. Confirm the date and location of your next session(s)

You can use our Climate Project Self-Assessment as a pathway to discovery!

Our Climate Project Zoom-Case

Our flagship Zoom event takes place one a quarter: current program participants take the virtual stage to present their projects to a larger audience to inspire new actions and create new connections!

To find out everything about presenting at the Zoom Case:

Presenting at the Climate Project Showcase

And here are tips and tricks on how to invite your people:

Inviting your tribe to the Climate Project Zoom-Case

What if it’s not working?

Warning signals:

  • The goals haven’t been finalized by the third session
  • Several sessions were cancelled at the last minute
  • We just don’t get warm with each other …
  • Our conversations are difficult or boring
  • The agreed actions have repeatedly not been taken

Be proactive in taking the relationship out of its misery!

  • Important: it is natural that not all mentoring pairs work out, be it due to personality, time constraints or unexpected circumstances, so nobody is to blame.
  • This is not a failure – it is a way to avoid wasting goodwill on both sides.
  • Contact the Program to cancel the commitment; we will inform the other party
  • Feel free to join again at a later time!