Presenting at the Climate Project Zoom-Case

Who can present?

Climate Leaders who are current participants of the Climate Leader Mentoring Program are given preference, followed by current Mentors. You will recieve an e-mail inviting you to present; please register your talk as soon as possible by responding to that e-mail.

If there are additional slots available at the next Climate Projects Zoom-Case event, we will consider other initiatives as well. Please contact us to register your interest.

What happens at the Climate Project Zoom-Case?

There will be an introduction to the Climate Leader Mentoring Program during which stragglers will be joining the Zoom event.

About 10 minutes into the event, the moderator will hand over to the first person presenting their project.

Each presenter will have 5 minutes; there will be a warning bell after 5 minutes have elapsed. We will move onto the slides from the next project after 6 minutes.

When all of the projects have been presented, breakout rooms will be opened, one for each project. The audience will have the opportunity to join the breakout room of their choice and they can move from one breakout room to another. This is your opportunity to interact with members of the audience.

We will wrap up the session giving the audience an opportunity to talk. At the end, the project breakout rooms will be reopened and left open for additional 15 minutes.

How do I prepare my slides?

As you will only have 5 minutes, we recommend that you prepare no more than 3 slides. They could follow this flow:

  • Slide 1: Introduce your project
  • Slide 2: Present your achievements (don’t limit yourself to the Mentoring Program period – cover everything!)
  • Slide 3: Make requests to the audience for support

The audience will be some people you know and have invited – and many more who don’t know you or your project. Really showcase what your initiative is about and how people could engage with you – enroll them into participating in some way! Invite them to come to your breakout room if they want to find out more or ask questions.

Your slides will be incorporated into the slidedeck for the whole event to avoid delays and technical glitches if each presenter has to attempt to share their material when it is their turn. You must provide your slides by responding to the e-mail inviting you to present and attaching them, or by sharing the slides, located on GoogleDrive, with that e-mail address. In that case, please also respond to the e-mail invitation and let us know that you have done so (just to double-check).

You must submit your slides by the Saturday before the event, otherwise your contribution cannot be incorporated into the overall flow.

You are responsible for ensuring that your slides do not violate any copyrights.

During the session:
How do I provide a link or get contact information?

If you want to put a link on your slides, be aware that the audience will not be able to click on it when it gets displayed during the Zoom-Case. To provide that link in an actionable form to the attendees, copy the link into the Chat where the audience can access it and copy it for further use as they want.

The audience can provide information to you in the chat in the main room or in the breakout room. However, that informtion will be lost when the Zoom session is closed. You can save the information in the chat by copying it and pasting it into e.g. a Word document and saving the Word file, but it requires presence of mind to remember to do that at the end of the session.

Be aware that any information written into the chat in a breakout room will be lost when the breakout room closes, so you have to copy that chat before the breakout room closes or you leave it.

So what are the steps leading up to the Climate Project Zoom-Case?

If you are a current participant, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to present about 3 weeks before the event.

Please discuss with your mentor if you are going to make use of this opportunity and how you are going to prepare – this is a chance to hone your presentation skills, both visual and oral!

You must register your interest in presenting on the Monday one week before the event.

You must send in your slides on the Saturday before the event.

Please be on the Zoom line 15 minutes before the official start time on the Zoom-Case.

If you have registered your talk with us, we will send out reminder e-mails in advance.